The Historical Roots of Early Christian Pneumatology - cont.

         [1] Project Background [2] Interdisciplinary Research Fields [3] Project Elements

         [4] Project Funding [5] Project and Research Outcomes

[2] Interdisciplinary Research Fields
This research project offers interdisciplinary, international teams the opportunity to connect ancient texts and cultures to an extent that has never before been possible. None of the vital questions surrounding the historical origins of the early Christian belief in the holy spirit can be addressed thoroughly by one scholar in a single field of expertise, yet all of them can be explored to extraordinary depths by small, interdisciplinary research teams.

            Each team is conducting research on a discrete set of questions about the historical roots of early Christian belief in the holy spirit that can only be undertaken in an interdisciplinary venture. The questions will revolve around a variety of foci:

In the rich interdisciplinary environment of research teams that work together in an ongoing relationship, other questions will arise and, perhaps, replace these initial questions. The potential for meaningful inquiry is massive, given the unique dimensions of this research project.

[3] Project Elements
This project will model for future scholarly inquiries, in a vast array of disciplines, the ways in which interdisciplinary and transatlantic scholars can successfully combine rich and ongoing personal relationships, state-of-the-art technologies, and traditional modes of production, such as lectures and a published monograph. More specifically, these means include: