The Historical Roots of Early Christian Pneumatology

John R. Levison, Seattle Pacific University
Jörg Frey, University of Zürich

Johannes Magliano-Tromp, Leiden University

Welcome to the locus of an unprecedented international and interdisciplinary approach to early Christian pneumatology.

Jack Levison
                                                             Jack Levison
Under the direction of Jörg Frey, of the University of Zürich, and Jack Levison, of Seattle Pacific University, and with the cooperation of Johannes Tromp, of the University of Leiden, scholars from Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States of America will join forces to study the historical roots of the Holy Spirit. Generous funding for this research project has been provided by the Shohet Grant program of the International Catacomb Society and the TransCoop program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Jörg Frey
                                                                   Jörg Frey

Follow the links on the left to learn about each participant, the interdisciplinary research units that are the core of this venture, the outline of research, and the groundbreaking research that is sure to emerge from this endeavor.





Jack Levison
                                        Johannes Magliano-Tromp

Major Funders for this research include:

The International Catacomb Society

The TransCoop program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation



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Symposium video

Video taken at the 'Symposium - Holy Spirit: Early Christian Pneumatology' - Leiden University 1 - 3 September 2011
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Article on Pneumatology project in University of Zürich journal


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